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Tri-Scragg Mill de Sierra-Cinta de Baker
Model Number: Tri-Scragg Mill de Sierra-Cinta de Baker

Length: Varies
Width: 87 ½ in. (2.2 m)
Height: 93 ½ in. (2.37 m)

The Baker Band Tri-Scragg Mill features the highest production possible with its three thin-kerf band heads. The two vertical heads slab the log while  the horizontal head splits the block into two three-sided cants, ready to be resawn. Its superior design can optionally feature a log positioning system that helps to center and rotate logs before entering the mill.

Each machine is custom built for the length of your material. You get high production and low maintenance.

With this thin-kerf scragg you can utilize up to 80%* of your log. You can’t get this combination of recovery and high throughput anywhere else on the market today!

  • Accepts logs from 5” to 16” in diameter, and from 36” to 60” long — standard
  • Produces the highest yield up to 80%*
  • Proven to produce up to 30,000 bf per day*
  • Vertical blades adjust from 3½” to 12” apart
  • Hydraulically-driven blade positioning system on all headrigs
  • Slabs discharge either left, right or rear
  • Uniframe construction
  • Star washer hold-downs in the front and rear of vertical heads
  • Band blades cut with 0.072” kerf
  • 3-sided self-centering feedworks on back splitter head
  • Operator’s control station
  • Optional operator’s control cab available with your choice of heating and/or airconditioning
  • Debarking logs is highly recommended
  • Actual recovery rate and production dictated by log diameter.
  • Production Rate: 20,000 to 30,000 bf per day, depending on log diameters*
  • Band Wheels: Dynamically-balanced, CNC machined, 28-in. (71 cm) solid steel wheels
  • Guides: Baker Low-Profile Flat Guides with steel guide plates
  • Blades: 1”, 1¼”, or 1½” wide, 13’-2” or 14’-2” long
  • Band Blade Tensioning: Spring
  • Sawdust Removal: Two 6” dust pipe outlet handles the dust from both vertical heads and one 4” outlet provided for dust removal from the horizontal band headrig. 3,200 CFM (91 m³/min) total recommended.
  • Dimensions & Weight:
    • Length: Varies
    • Width: 871/2“ (2.22 m)
    • Height: 931/2” (2.37 m)
    • Weight: 6,000 lbs. (2,722 kg) or more (depends on length and other options)
  • Width Adjustment: 2-point hydraulic setworks; 3½” to 12” (8.9 cm to 30.5 cm)
  • Controls: Remote electrical pedal mounted control start/stop station E-stop button
  • Electrical: All voltages available; Standard: 240V or 480V 3-phase 60HZ; machine completely prewired; NEMA 12 enclosure with starters, disconnects, control voltage transformer and circuit overload protectors; start/stop station with E-stop button
  • Motors: Three 20 HP (15 kw) TEFC, Hydraulic Power Unit on feedworks
  • Up to 15 HP (11 kw) available; 1,500 PSI sized to accommodate options
  • 13’-2” Band Length Heads
    • Standard Log Size Diameters: 4” (102 mm) diameter minimum 12” (305 mm) diameter maximum
    • Log Lengths: 36” (91 cm) minimum; 60” (152 cm) maximum*
  • 14'-2" Band Length Heads
    • Standard Log Size Diameters: 4" (102 mm) diameter minimum; 16" (406 mm) diameter maximum
    • Log Lengths: 36" (91 cm) miniumum; 60" (152 cm) maximum
    • Longer length up to 96" available upon request
  • Electronic 10-Point setworks, PLC controlled
  • Band Tensioning: Available with air bags
  • Log infeed deck
  • Stop end loader/Pac-man
  • Log turner/positioner
  • Cant 90° discharge
  • Complete systems
  • Operator's saw cab
  • Air conditioning for saw cab
  • Heater for saw cab
  • Complementary equipment such as edgers, double end trims, band slab edgers, resaws, connecting conveyors, etc, are available.
  • Baker Quik-sharp band blade sharpener
  • Log debarker and log merchandising

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