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Desorilladora de Banda Delgada Baker / Mini-Scragg
Model Number: Desorilladora de Banda Delgada Baker / Mini-Scragg

Length: 13ft., 4 in. (4 m)
Width: 86 in. (2.2 m)
 Height: 73 in. (1.9 m)

The Baker Band Slab Edger is perfect for edging wide material and will accept slabs as large as 24” across.

It uses thin-kerf band blades instead of circular blades. Therefore, it doesn’t have kickback and throw wood like circular edgers.

This can also be a very versatile edger to edge slabs, boards, two-sided cants and even round logs up to 8” in diameter. It’s productive enough to keep up with scragg mills producing 25,000 board feet per day.

Your material can be as tall as 10” and still pass through the Baker Band Slab Edger. That’s more than twice the capacity of most edgers.

The Baker Mini-Scragg Mill accepts logs up to 12” or 16” in diameter. It’s perfect for running debarked scragg blocks, peeler cores, or lodge pole pine.

The Baker Mini-Scragg Mill is very versatile. You adjust the cutting size simply by pushing a button. The blades adjust to any preset width from 3 1/2” to 12”. You can run your slabs through “bark-side-down” for improved blade life in nondebarked slabs. With the lumber inverted this way, centering the piece is almost automatic. Blade damage is reduced because the blades enter down through clean wood and exit through the bottom bark side where grit and gravel can lodge.

Production rates of 15,000 - 20,000 board feet per day can be reached with its thin-kerf band blades.Both machines come complete and ready to run with all electrical components. A pedestal-mounted remote control station is also included.

  • Production Rate:
    • Slab Edger: 5,000-7,000 board feet per day (1,524-2,134 m per day)
    • Mini Scragg: 15,000-20,000 board feet per day (4,572-6,096 m per day)
  • Band Wheels: Dynamically-balanced, CNC machined, 28” (71 cm) solid steel wheels
  • Guides: Baker Low- Profile Flat Guides with steel guide plates
  • Blades: 1” (25 mm), 11/4”(32 mm) or 1½" (38 mm) wide, 13’2” (4 m) or 14’2” (4.3 m) long
  • Blade Tensioning: Spring tension
  • Sawdust Removal: Two 6”(152 mm) ducts, 1,300 CFM each recommended
  • Dimensions & Weight:
    • Length: 13’4” (4 m)
    • Width: 86” (2.2 m)
    • Height: 73” (1.9 m)
    • Weight: 2,500 lbs. (1,134 kg)
    • Width Adjustment: 31/2” (89 mm) to 12" (305 mm); larger cutting widths are available
    • Feed Speed: Fully variable 0-65 feet/min. (0-20 m/min).
  • Width Adjustment: 3 1/2" (89 mm) to 12' (3.6 m), larger cutting widths are available
  • Feed Speed: Fully variable 0-65 ft/min. (0-20 m/min.)
  • Controls: Remote electrical pedestal mounted control start/stop station with E-stop button
  • Main Drive Motors: Two 20-HP (15 kw) TEFC
  • Feedworks Motor: 3 to 5-HP (2 to 4 kw) variable speed hydraulic, depending on options
  • Electrical: All voltages available; Standard: 240V or 480V 3-phase 60HZ; machine completely prewired; NEMA 12 enclosure with starters, disconnects, control voltage transformer and circuit overload protectors; start/stop station with E-stop button
  • Log infeed deck for scragg application
  • Slab take away conveyors
  • Tailing conveyors
  • 10-point electronic programmable setworks
  • Air tensioning
  • Baker Quik-Sharp band blade sharpener
  • Slab Edger: Up to 24” (61 cm) wide and 8”(20 cm) tall or 8” (20 cm) diameter, larger widths are available
  • Mini Scragg: Logs up to 12”(31 cm) in diameter, and it will edge slabs up to 14”(36 cm) across
  • Material Length: Standard - 60" (1.5 m); (Longer conveyors available)
  • Width Setting: Two (2) point adjustable hydraulic setworks, operated from a remote control panel

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